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Carol Matthews

Working for OMS Headquarters with Finance and ECC
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Bill and Nancy Kidwell

The Kidwells serve as church multiplication facilitators (CMFs) in Ukraine with Every Community for Christ (ECC).
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Brent and Kim Burdick

Brent and Kim Burdick served with One Mission Society in the Philippines for 20 years. They were involved in field...
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Bill and Joyce Oden

After pastoring for nearly 20 years in the U.S., Bill and Joyce sensed God’s call to missions and became a part of...
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Hannah McCalla

As a member of the Mobilization team, Hannah will help communicate with people who are interested in serving in...
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Marie and Caynan Persinger

Marie began serving as the OMS treasurer in 2014.
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Kris and Sarah Kappler

One Mission Society missionaries Kris and Sarah Kappler began their assignment in Africa in April 2015. The Kapplers...
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Doug and Janis Hoffman

Doug Hoffman serves as executive director of Mercy, Inc.
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Saleem and Nisreen Shalash

Pastor Saleem Shalash is the pastor and founder of Home of Jesus the King Church in Nazareth, Israel, the hometown of...
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Chunillal Pema

Chunillal Pema is funding to serve the Cook Islands, a nation in the South Pacific, part of Oceania.
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Jeannine Brabon

Jeannine Brabon, the daughter of OMS missionaries Harold and Margaret Brabon, serves as a missionary in Colombia.
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Randy and Shelley Marshall

Randy and Shelley Marshall serve with One Mission Society in Kiev, Ukraine. They organize evangelistic English camps...
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