• Colombia Widow’s Home Construction Project

    After planting and pastoring numerous churches in the OMS-founded Evangelical Interamerican Church of Colombia, one of our pastors found himself standing against the evil actions of one of Colombia’s paramilitary groups. They consequently tortured and killed the pastor, leaving his wife and young son destitute.

    Living in a poor community, with no pension or benefits, they fight to survive. Their current home is a small one-room shack, with no running water, kitchen, or bathroom. She cooks over a fire on the ground and continues to serve the Lord despite her harsh conditions.

    OMS plans to build a modest duplex home for this widow that will include two bedrooms, a kitchen, and a bathroom, as well as an additional apartment that she can rent to generate residual income. We also plan to build a chicken coop to provide further income and food for her and her son.

    The project will cost around $20,000 to complete and will provide a lifetime of benefits for this servant of God that has sacrificed and suffered incalculably in the service of Christ, especially since the martyrdom of her husband.

    Would you prayerfully consider blessing this widow with a donation toward a home that will provide her shelter, security, and recurring income?

    P.S. Any funds exceeding the goal of $20,000 will be used for other people in similar circumstances.

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