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If you are passionate about cross-cultural missions, training, evangelism, and church planting, yet you are unable to be a resident missionary, then we have opportunities for you. You can serve as a church multiplication facilitator.

The ECC Church Multiplication Facilitator encourages leaders and coaches them for a greater harvest and helps them to plan, train and implement church multiplication strategies to their nation for Christ.

The ECC Associate Church Multiplication Facilitator's role will be to support the ECC ministry in their assigned country or countries through prayer, follow-up visits and preparation for the each visit.

Perhaps you could become involved with training, help to format and manage information or work to build partner relationships. Here are some positions that we need in the near future:

  • ECC Saturation Projects Coordinator/Manager
  • ECC Church Multiplication Registry Manager
  • ECC Train & Multiply Coordinator
  • ECC Train & Multiply Production Specialist
  • ECC On-line Training Manager
  • ECC Development Officer
  • ECC Journalist/Social Media Activist

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