Yes, I'm a Suburban Missionary!

September 25 2018

The most common question I receive from people I know is, “What exactly do you do as a missionary.” Homeland missionaries are a mystery to most people. Since they see us on a regular basis at places like church, grocery stores, or restaurants, our friends find it hard to see how we are sacrificing for the ministry. After all, a missionary gives up everything to move to a remote place to serve the local people, right? Missionaries don’t live in suburban homes or take vacations, do they?

The start of my journey as a missionary began in prison. Wait, what?!

God had called me to go back to school, but I ignored it. Six months later, he used an offender doing life in prison to remind me of his calling on my life. The offender told me God put something on his heart. What he said was identical to what God had put on my heart. I don’t take that moment lightly as this one thing altered my entire life.

For the next three years, I continued my job in the secular world while attending school. God had not yet revealed his plan for me. Toward the end of my schooling, God made it clear to me that I would become a missionary. Little did I know that I would be based in my hometown.

I started at One Mission Society on April 1, 2014, as the development officer with OMS’ Every Community for Christ (ECC) ministry. This role focuses on building or strengthening relationships with churches and organizations in the United States in hopes of building partnerships for our ministries around the world.

As is the case with most non-profit organizations, there is more work than there are workers. Because homeland missionaries must raise the funds for their support/salaries, it becomes necessary for many of us to wear many hats because there are simply not enough people willing to step out in faith. After four years with OMS, my role has extended to development officer, associate church multiplication facilitator for the Philippines and Indo-China, training facilitator, and coordinator for developing a potential new saturation project plan. It is no wonder people ask, “What exactly do you do as a missionary?”

Just like missionaries in the field, those of us at the World Headquarters do all that is necessary. Homeland missionaries understand doing our part is kingdom-focused. So, what do we do? Whatever is necessary and more … all for his kingdom!

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By Shane Christopher, Every Community for Christ Development Officer

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