Using His Skills for the Kingdom

February 11 2013

Using His Skills for the Kingdom

When James Hill was only 15 years old, he felt a calling from God to be involved in ministry. Not sure how this would play out, James continued on living as a Christian in his daily life. 

Trying to follow this call, James attended one semester at Indiana Wesleyan University. After this one semester, he ran out of money and went to work to live the American dream. 

James did not realize that his job at HBP was all part of God’s path for James to become a missionary. While at this secular company, he was trained as a software engineer. 

For James, the American dream was being realized. He was already married, had two children and had purchased their first house. Everything was progressing quite nicely for James and his wife, Loni, to live a nice, comfortable life. 

A couple of years after James and Loni were married, they felt a progressively unsettled feeling. James started to ask the question, “If I really believe in Jesus the way I say I believe in Him, why am I not living like I believe in Him.” 

This is when they knew they were being called into missions. They wanted to live their lives to be spent helping to fulfill the Great Commission. 

Knowing that he had programmer skills, James sought an organization that could benefit from his abilities. One Mission Society fit this bill. 

From programming to finance, One Mission Society has several positions open with specific skills needed. Did you know your unique abilities are needed to help run an organization?


Is God putting the same unsettling feeling in your heart that James and Loni had? Do you have programming abilities to help James utilize technology to help OMS plant churches around the world? Would you like to use your financial skills to help make disciples through OMS? Could you become part of the Communications team with your talents in video editing?

Is God calling you to become a missionary?

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