The Gift That Goes On Giving

January 28 2013

The Gift That Goes On Giving

Thanks be to God for His indescribable gift. ―2 Corinthians 9:15

When I think of gifts that require a huge sacrifice, I remember a meal in the mountains of Mexico. I was translator for a medical team that was giving free medical clinics to people in a little town and the surrounding villages. I had the dubious honor of holding the bucket for a dentist as he extracted teeth.

At the end of the week, the people of the town wanted to show their appreciation. A goat was brought into the village square, slaughtered and then, cooked by a method totally new to me.

The men dug a pit in the ground and built a fire of mesquite wood. Then, they layered huge green leaves with the goat meat and covered the pit with dirt. By evening, we had a tasty meal of goat meat and tortillas.

The value of the goat was a man’s salary for two weeks. Knowing the people of this town lived in one-room houses, with dirt floors and no electricity or running water, I counted that meal as one of the most sacrificial gifts I had ever received.

When Jesus died for our sins on a cross, He gave the ultimate gift – the sacrifice of His life. He gave up the glory of heaven to live on Earth. Unlike the gift of the goat supper, however, the sacrificial gift of Jesus’ death keeps on giving.

On average, every 26 seconds around the world of One Mission Society, someone new learns about Jesus dying on the cross, accepts it and becomes a child of God.

By: Gail O'Connor

What will you sacrifice to give to the Lord? Are you called to give financially, go in faith or pray fervently?

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