Student Minister Plants Churches in Russia

October 10 2018

Slava Pleskach (pictured far right), a scholarship recipient at the Moscow Evangelical Christian Seminary, accepted Jesus in 1990. By 1995 he had become a missionary church planter to Siberia. In 2004, Slava planted Victory of Christ Church in Yaroslavl, Russia, and most recently, he planted a church in a neighboring country, predominantly with a Muslim population.

But Slava felt he lacked training. So, in 2016, he entered the master of divinity program at the Moscow Seminary. Slava believes family is the nucleus of and vehicle for church growth. He is married to Maria, and together, they have four children. Therefore, his classes on pre-marital counseling, marriage & family, and conflict resolution have been extremely useful for him.

“Sometimes, hard things happen in ministry.” says Slava, “One year, I took a group of churched and unchurched families to a summer camp. The police came, scattered us all around, and shut the camp down. I later took a class at the seminary on church and state. I learned a lot and we have been able to have the camp every year since, with no problems whatsoever! Studying at the seminary truly helps ministry,” concludes Slava.

Slava praises the Lord and thanks you for making studies at the seminary possible for him. He, along with the other 364 students at the seminary, only pays 10 percent of the actual cost, all they can afford. The rest of the tuition is covered by generous donations.

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