Rebuilding Continues In Haiti

November 27 2012

Rebuilding Continues In Haiti

On Tuesday, January 12, 2010, at 4:53 pm, local time a 7.0 earthquake shook the country of Haiti.  Shockwaves were sent around the world as Christians came to the aid of the people of the poorest country in the Western Hemisphere.

People called OMS, asking if they could go to Haiti to help.  Money started coming in to help send food and supplies to the Haitians. 

Medical teams were sent out within days of the earthquake to some of the hardest hit areas.  The missionaries in Haiti then worked with the local churches to distribute food and basic living supplies.

After the immediate crisis settled, tent cities starting popping up all over the affected area. Some estimated that as many as two million Haitians are still homeless.

What could OMS do to help with this long-term need of housing?  Jump started by a large gift from the OMS-founded church in Korea, OMS went to work on designing and building 20’ x 20’ homes all around Port-au-Prince, which became the Homes for Haiti project.

To date, OMS has helped build 35 of these homes, giving the people a place to lay their heads each night.  These families no longer have to live in a plastic home or a lean-to made of a few pieces of sheet metal.  They are now protected from the wind, the rain, the hurricanes and even another earthquake.

These homes are strategically built all around Port-au-Prince.  The leaders of the national church did not want to just provide a home, but a place where a new house church might be planted.  

Several Bible studies have been started in these new homes, opening up the Gospel to neighborhoods that previously were too far from the OMS-related churches.  Not only are families being protected from the weather, people are receiving the greatest gift of all – the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

However, the funding for this project is almost gone.  Is God calling you to help bring shelter to another Haitian family and to make it possible to plant another house church?  Is God calling you to go to Haiti and help build one of these homes?

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