Planting Churches in Colombia

February 25 2013

Planting Churches in Colombia

Each week, OMS missionary Greg Carlson, church multiplication facilitator (CMF) for Colombia and Ecuador, speaks to One Mission Society’s church planters through Skype. Through encouragement, praying and coaching, Greg is able to train these nationals to stay focused on evangelism and church planting.

The role of a CMF is vital to increasing the number of lives changed and churches planted around the world through Every Community for Christ, the church multiplication catalyst for OMS.

Seeing the need for evangelism teams in Colombia, Greg also has recruited two teams to share the Gospel in various cities in Colombia. It took two visits with Jeff, the father of Greg’s son’s friend, to encourage him that this was a short-term trip Jeff should participate in.

After saying yes, Jeff did not know what he had gotten himself into. He was very nervous, as his only travels outside of the United States was to Canada for vacation.

Now, Jeff found himself, with his teenage son, in Colombia talking to Colombians about Jesus. At the first home he went to, he began sharing his testimony with the woman who answered the door.

Before he could even complete his whole testimony, the woman started to cry. Jeff did not know why she was crying or what was happening.

While walking to the next house, the interpreter told Jeff that he had just saved this woman’s life. Three days earlier, this woman had attempted suicide, not having anything to live for. Then, Jeff told her that Jesus loved her, something she had never heard before.

This team went on to change 64 people’s lives that day, as others accepted Christ as their Savior. Jeff realized why he had been called to go on this trip.

Mobilizing individuals to go overseas on short-term evangelism trips is just one aspect of the joyous career of being a church multiplication facilitator.

Do you desire to help others plant more churches around the world? Is God calling you to be a missionary that travels to foreign countries but reside in your home country? If so, the CMF role may be for you. Contact OMS today.

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