​Literacy Opens Doors to the Gospel in the DRC

October 22 2014

Here are two simple testimonies of women in the Democratic Republic of the Congo that have benefited greatly by the One Mission Society Bridge to Reading (B2R) literacy project.

Neema (left) said: “When I didn’t know how to read and to write, my husband considered me an animal. He wouldn’t give me money to buy anything in the market, and he said that a wife who doesn’t know how to read and write is like a dog. He said he must look for another woman because I’m not beautiful.

“When the literacy ministry came to our church, I was the first to register. My husband led me to the tutoring center to be a student, and he said to the pastor, ‘This woman must learn to read and write. If not, I’ll chase her out and look for another.’

“After two and a half years, I’m now able to read and write because (the goal of) literacy is powerful to make us do something. Today, I’m the president of the women’s ministry in our church. I know how to read the Bible and preach to other Christians―even my husband. He’s now received Jesus as his Lord and Savior. Now, he says that I’m a wise woman because I am literate. God bless literacy missions.”

Furahisha (right) was married to a man who enjoyed studying, but she was not able to read or write. When the literacy project was implanted in her area, she said that she’d have to ask advice from the pastor about it.

The pastor asked her husband to agree that his wife could learn at the literacy center. Three years and nine months later, Furahisha was able to read the Bible and write correctly. She says, “When we left Lusheke for Kalangwe, the pastor of the church chose me to teach others in the literacy center. Now, I’m a tutor in the Kalangwe center. Glory to the Lord who sent us the literacy ministry.”

--Testimonies courtesy of OMS volunteer and B2R founder, Connie Schwein

5k Walk/Run for Literacy

If you'd like to support the Bridge to Literacy ministry, you can donate here to project #407800.

Also, on Saturday, Nov. 1, OMS will host a 5k walk/run for literacy to raise money and awareness for our literacy ministry. You can register for the event here, which is being held at the OMS World HQ in Greenwood, Indiana. The event starts at 9:30 a.m.

To view a short video about the walk/run and literacy, click here.

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