From Hindu Idols to Jesus Christ

April 1 2013

From Hindu Idols to Jesus Christ

Earning only $3.00 per day, Ujjwal tried to support his wife and children as a farmer in the Sunderban Islands in West Bengal, India. Like many in this area, he worshiped the Hindu gods, praying and making offerings to these idols.

When Ujjwal’s father became very ill, Ujjwal soon realized that these gods, and even the medical personnel, could not help. Ujjwal soon met Patra, a worker for Every Community for Christ, One Mission Society’s church multiplication catalyst.

Patra shared the love of Jesus Christ with Ujjwal, and soon, Patra started praying over Ujjwal’s father. These prayers caused Ujjwal’s father’s health to dramatically improve. Because of this miraculous healing, Ujjwal and his family became believers in Christ and started sharing with others.

Their newly formed faith was tested when an arsonist set fire to Ujjwal’s house. Being away while doing ministry, Ujjwal did not despair. He turned to his heavenly Father for divine intervention.

Ujjwal’s son called to tell him that a sudden rain storm blew out of nowhere to put the fire out. The house was not destroyed!

Through all of these events, Ujjwal understands the power of prayer. In April 2013, more than 500 new believers will take part in a baptism ceremony. When Ujjwal was asked how there is such an abundance of fruit in the ministry he is a part of, he replied, "Continuous prayer."

Please take a moment and pray for all of OMS’ workers around the world. Prayer is a vital part of the ministry at OMS, as this work can only be done with the help of the Almighty God. Please visit OMS’ Wall of Prayer often, so that you can continue to pray without ceasing.

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