From Gang Life to a Life With Jesus

March 18 2013

From Gang Life to a Life With Jesus

Growing up in a poor home in Medellín, Colombia, Alex learned from a very young age how to clean, carry and fire guns. With a father who was a criminal, Alex was expected to grow up into this same life.

During his adolescent years, Alex’s father joined the FARC, the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia or People’s Army, which is a Colombian Marxist-Leninist revolutionary guerrilla organization involved in the continuing Colombian armed conflict since 1964. Many of Alex’s brothers joined their father in this guerilla fighting.

After joining a gang, Alex started following in his father’s footsteps, living the life of a criminal. Alex was given several “jobs” to do, as he was learning to be a hit man for this gang and the drug cartel. He was destined to become a permanent member of the hit squad of the cartel or a member of the FARC.

Like many young people in Colombia, Alex had three passions―guns, girls and soccer, probably in that order. Although Alex loved the first two, he would never pass up an opportunity to play soccer.

One of his friends invited him to try out for a soccer team. At the first practice, his coach began by telling Alex and the other teammates that God loved them and that the coach personally cared for each member of the team.

The word LOVE had never been spoken in Alex’s house, at least not by his parent’s saying that they loved him or cared for him. Something started changing inside of Alex.

Through this ministry at the OMS-related Christian Union Sports Club (CUSC), Alex learned about Jesus, and put his trust in Him. After receiving word that his son had made this life-changing decision, a decision to turn away from the guns and the gangs, Alex’s father beat him and threatened to kill him.

These actions did not stop Alex’s passion for his new belief or for the ministry of CUSC. Alex moved up the ranks in the CUSC from a player, to assistant coach, to coach. He now serves as the director of the sports program and is working toward his doctorate in sports ministry, continuing to use soccer to help kids turn toward Jesus.

Would you like to see more children from Colombia come to know Jesus? Would you donate to help this ministry continue to change the lives of people like Alex. Without CUSC, Alex would either be dead, in prison or still living his life as a criminal.

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