Called to the Philippines

November 27 2012

Called to the Philippines

More than 1,000 slums and squatter communities have developed all around Manila and the surrounding areas. These slums are ripe grounds for the human trafficking trade.

Up to 100,000 women and 400,000 children are involved in the sex trade in the Philippines, with many of these being trafficked.  There are also over 170,000 street children in Manila.  All of these people need to hear about the Good News of Jesus.

Ministry to some of these women and children has been occurring through the work of One Mission Society.  However, when the harvest is this great, many more people are needed.

The people in the Philippines are asking for missionaries to come and serve them.  They are asking for someone to come and minister to the women and children in these areas.

At the same time, as God was working through the people in Manila, God was working through a college student…

While studying at Indiana University, God burdened Beka Mech to disciple women who are in deep crisis.  God has refined this burden through a local ministry in Greenwood, where she ministers to women and children living in a hotel.

As a recruiter in the OMS Mobilization Department, Beka saw that the harvest is great all around the world, especially in the Philippines.  This is when God called her away from the Mobilization Department to become a missionary in the Philippines.

Beka has agreed to follow this call.  She is giving up her comforts in America, leaving her friends, family and ministry. 

In January 2013, Beka will move to the Philippines for two years to work with the women and children of these slums and squatter communities.  She will be telling them about Christ, meeting some of their physical needs and just to share life with them.


Is God asking you to take up the cross and GO?  Contact the OMS Mobilization Department to see if you have what it takes to be a missionary!

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