Missionary Spotlight: Beka Mech

June 29 2012

Missionary Spotlight: Beka Mech

One Mission Society recently sat down with Beka Mech, OMS mobilzer, to hear how she came to do ministry with One Mission Society, her heart for missions and her heart for the Lord. Beka is excited to be a part of the Mobilization team and helping to make an impact on the world through her ministry at One Mission Society. She loves being an advocate for missionaries—aiding them through the application process, hearing the needs of those already on the field and trying to meet those needs through new recruits. Her heart lies with God, and she is making a strong impact at One Mission Society. You can also follow Beka’s journey on her blog.


One Mission Society: Where are you from?

Beka Mech: I’m from Terre Haute, Indiana. I grew up there and I went to college at Indiana University in Bloomington, Indiana, where I lived in Bloomington while I raised support. 

OMS: How did you hear about One Mission Society?

Beka: I grew up in a church that supported OMS missionaries, so I didn’t necessarily know their core values or anything, but as a child, I knew their name.

OMS: What are your responsibilities in mobilization?

Beka: I help recruit qualified candidates for our fields and homeland. I serve as a regional advocate for Latin America and Africa, so I stay in touch with field directors and international regional directors to know their personnel needs. My job title is mobilizer, which involves recruiting and networking to seek out candidates, responding to people that write or call in and are interested in serving. It also involves conducting interviews with candidates and mentoring and coaching people of all ages through the application process in order to see what their ministry burden might be.

OMS: Why did you come to OMS?

Beka: I wanted to be a missionary on and off while growing up. When I was in college, I started growing in Him after walking away for a bit, but through that, I seriously committed to serving in missions. Then, while going into my senior year of college, I had this greater desire to use my journalism skills. An OMS missionary couple that knew my parents had asked how I was doing, and my parents shared what I wanted to do and they said, “She should contact OMS.” So, I called Susan Loobie, the director of Communications.”

OMS: Why did you move from Communications to Mobilization?

Beka: Honestly, the thing I enjoyed about journalism was that I loved doing different things. Writing was an avenue to focus on something different every day. A big part of it was that I loved advocating for people, hearing people’s stories and advocating for them through writing; to share their story in a way that would help them, and that’s a big part of what I get to do in Mobilization. Since coming to OMS, I think I’ve learned more about myself and how God made me. In Mobilization, I not only interact with my team but also with different people every day by walking alongside, shepherding and advocating for them.

OMS: How did you come to know God?

Beka: I grew up in a Christian family. My parents always taught my brother and me that it’s not just going to church, but investing in a personal relationship with God and living that out. I started growing in my faith at a young age, but by the end of high school I strayed away from God. In college, He pursued me and renewed me in Him. I feel like that solidified what I learned growing up, and that short separation made me feel like “I want to be here to stay.” I’m super thankful and glad that it gave me a deeper understanding of my own personal need for His love and grace in my life.

OMS: What excites you about your current mission?

Beka: In Mobilization, everyone we talk to has to decide if they’re going to step out and trust God in a new way. It’s exciting to be a part of, to see and pray with them because we know if God is leading in that direction, He will be faithful. We also get to stay in touch with them, not always closely, because there are always new candidates. When they come through for their furloughs or if they’re here for Orientation or Cross-Training, then we get to catch up with them and connect. One of the candidates that I’m working with now is going to Mexico for a year. Last year she was our Mobilization intern, so getting to walk through different stages with her, you get to see that fruit.