What Might Happen? - Faith

April 13 2015


Without this we are lost. Pastor Willy had faith, but he needed guidance from God. The group of four from FECPI and OMS traveled to Tacloban City with an overabundance of faith and trust. They knew God would show them a way.

Their first goal was to get to a hotel and drop luggage. In a ravaged city, this is not an easy task. Many places were destroyed and transportation was limited. With this in mind, they attempted to hail a motorcycle taxi (trike) in hopes of easier mobility. The first trike they stopped was not for hire. The driver was a vendor of peanuts heading home after a long day.

Knowing the difficulties of finding transportation, he gave them a ride. Conversation ensued as the men described why they came to the area. He had nothing to gain from them, but he offered his house to them as a place to stay. This one ride resulted in the driver becoming their contact, or Person of Peace (Luke 10).

The peanut vendor soon accepted Christ into his life and became instrumental in introducing Pastors Willy and Vicky to many people impacted by the typhoon. Since that chance meeting, his business has flourished. Through faith, God revealed their person of peace and an opening into a community that was in pain.

The person of peace described in Luke 10 will welcome you into their house. This testimony shows God still reveals those people today. We meet people daily in our lives. Many are living without hope and simply need someone to reach out to them. How often do we overlook opportunities? “If a man of peace is there, your peace will rest on him; but if not it will return to you.” (Luke 10:6) Keep an eye out for persons of peace in your life.

To be continued…

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