Train and Multiply - The Method Explained

October 8 2015

by Aaron Taylor

During out last post we discussed what Train and Multiply (T&M) is, and how it can be dynamically used just about anywhere. Now let's take a deeper look at the heart of the method and discover what T&M actually does.

12 Multiplication Principles

All of the methods used by Every Community for Christ (ECC) utilize 12 biblically-based multiplication principles.

  • Fervent Prayer
  • Abundant Gospel Sowing
  • Intentional Church Planting
  • Scriptural Authority
  • Equip Local Leadership
  • Mobilization of Lay Leaders
  • Cell Church, House Church, Village Church
  • Churches Planting Churches
  • Church Reproduction Without Delay
  • Healthy Churches
  • Immediate Incorporation of New Believers into the Life and Ministry of the Church
  • Active Training While in Ministry

While T&M ascribes to all of these principles, we find that the method is especially strong in the aspects of Gospel sowing, intentional church planting, equipping local leadership, on-the-job training, churches planting churches, and rapid church reproduction.

The Process

The process starts with a pastoral worker who finds a person who demonstrates hospitality and a willingness to hear a Gospel message. The pastoral worker shares the Good News with this person and their circle of influence.

Once this group gets a solid grasp of the Gospel and ministry of Jesus Christ, they learn from the pastoral worker how to do such things as pastoral care, baptism, and other on-the-job experiences. This type of hands-on training is what truly grows the leadership abilities of these new believers very quickly.

The new believers then continue to worship together and take responsibility for all of the functions of a house church. The pastoral worker encourages them and invites those whom God calls to become pastoral workers who will plant the next generation of churches.

The pastoral worker coaches these new pastoral workers to follow their example until they are fully trained and developing another generation of churches and leaders.

From here the cycle continues on and on, and the Church continues to grow. Thus,Train and Multiply has proven to be a substantial leadership development tool to expand the kingdom of God. This method, along with the grace of God, can take the Gospel to places it has never been before and reach millions of seeking souls that are hungry for God.

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