Train and Multiply - An Introduction

October 6 2015

by Aaron Taylor

Over the past two weeks we have discussed two different church planting methods used by Every Community for Christ (ECC). This week we will look at the third and final process called Train and Multiply (T&M).

What is Train and Multiply?

Train and Multiply is a joint venture between Project WorldReach and One Mission Society that functions as a certifiable method of church planting and church multiplication. It was designed as a training method for potential Christian leaders to evangelize and broaden the reach of the church as a whole. T&M utilizes a unique approach to train leaders who will influence their culture and lead others to follow Jesus Christ.

How is it Used?

T&M has been translated into over 39 different languages (and counting), and thus can be used virtually anywhere. This method ascribes to the view that no one can influence a culture like those that are already members of it. T&M uses a simple, practical, reproducible leadership development process. The training materials use simple language and the illustrations reflect local dress and facial norms. The simplistic universality of T&M is what makes it such a powerful tool.

Later this week we will begin to dig into the specifics of the T&M curriculum, showing exactly how this method seeks to train leaders to influence their own culture.

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