A Devoted Church Planter

December 21 2012

A Devoted Church Planter

Pastor D. is a church planter who was brought by a friend to the Church Multiplication Workshop.  Impressed by what he learned, he returned to his country and began to implement the plan he had formulated during the workshop.  

Ten months later, using the principles and strategies of church multiplication, he had eight house churches in operation.  Then one Sunday, radicals from another religious group attacked four of the churches, killing several, including Pastor D’s brother.  

Later the same day, when his aged mother heard the news, her heart was broken and she died.    Even later that day his father followed his dear wife and son to heaven.  Despite these developments, Pastor D., discouraged and downcast, returned to the next installment of the workshops.  

Once again he heard the voice of the Spirit speaking a fresh challenge to his heart.  During the finishing exercises, the participants were asked to submit fresh training goals for the following three months.  

Pastor D’s goals read: “In the next three months I will initiate the training of six new house church leaders, (and) begin nine new churches plus two in the outer villages.”  With fresh vision and fresh resolve he returned to his country and resumed his church planting ministry. 

Three months later, I returned to our training location and inquired of Pastor D’s overseer regarding his progress.  The answer came: “He is doing well.  He is already training seven new house leaders.”

Who will fulfill the great commission? Is God calling you to give financially, go in faith, or pray fervently?

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