Father-Daughter Connection in Haiti

August 10 2015

The relationship between a father and daughter is often precious, fascinating, amiable, and puzzling at times. I have fond memories of my own dad taking me to his workplace, planning irreplaceable family vacations, and playing numerous games of checkers. I also look warmheartedly upon my three daughters as they interact with my husband, known affectionately to them as Daddie-o. The girls, even as teenagers, call out an enthusiastic, “Dad’s home!” when they see him pull into our driveway at the end of a workday.

It’s additionally intriguing to see young girls mimicking their dear ol’ dad. They may slip on his work boots, “help” him hammer a nail, or shoot basketballs. The Word says in Ephesians 5:1 to “be imitators of God, as beloved children.” Our heavenly Father is the king, so that makes his daughters princesses. I can just imagine the twinkle in his eye when his young ladies choose to follow him in service and obedience.

I met a sweet mademoiselle named Guilanda when her papa, Mano (short for Emmanuel), brought her to work with him at the OMS campus in Haiti. She was just a petite toddler at the time, and Mano smiled widely as we fussed over his precious gift. Now Guilanda happily attends a Starfish Kids school. According to her dad, “The SFK program has transformed our lives because we can afford Guilanda’s uniforms since we have help with tuition and books.”

Guilanda enjoys math, has so many favorite Bible stories she cannot decide which one is the most beloved, and aspires to be a doctor when she grows up. Mano says he and Guilanda “have hope for the future because she is getting a good education, and God is creating work for me.” This dedicated daddy sees how the Lord is protecting their health too. Mano and Guilanda are confident that their Father in heaven is working in their lives.

According to Mano, if he could meet Guilanda’s sponsor, he would say thank you and “I pray Jesus would continue to bless you.” That’s a common theme as I meet the parents of precious Starfish Kids children. The parents usually realize that sponsors give with a heart of generosity because of God’s goodness. Appreciation overflows from not only Mano and Guilanda but from numerous Haitian fathers, mothers, and children associated with Starfish Kids.

If you are a sponsor of a Starfish Kid, thank you! If you'd like to begin to sponsor a child, call us at OMS today: 317.888.3333.

By Angela Chandler, Communications Department, One Mission Society

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