​“I can’t accept Christ today”

June 11 2015

By Kate Michel, Marketing & Communications Director, Radio 4VEH/Resounding Hope

It’s true that Haiti is a “religious” country—Catholicism and Voodoo are its official religions. Any time spent on the streets reveals shop names like The Good Shepherd for the local hardware store; art painted on the taptaps and the local buses that serve as shared taxis claim the Lord’s protection. Yet conversations again and again reveal the truth—that so many people in Haiti have never heard or understood the Good News of the Gospel of Jesus, of salvation by grace alone, through faith alone, in Christ alone.

One elderly woman’s comments just broke my heart. I was with a short-term mission team from Findlay Evangelical Free Church in Findlay, Ohio. They had focused their Christmas giving on Resounding Hope solar radios, and we were in Haiti with the 4VEH team to share the Gospel and give out solar radios: so the folks at Findlay could be part of their giving in action. We worked alongside Pastor Deusma in a village of about 600 people not far from Cap-Haitien—Radio 4VEH has been working with Pastor Deusma for a few years, reinforcing the witness of the tiny church he has planted there by providing villagers with solar radios to speak hope and help every day through Radio 4VEH broadcasting and the audio Bible in the language they understand best, Haitian Creole.

We stopped in the yard of one family home to speak to an elderly lady who was shelling peas. Though others in her village have come to Christ, and the tiny church is growing and nurturing those new in the faith, this lady’s response to the Gospel message was clear. And it’s one that I’ve heard so often, as she, like so many, think that they need to fix themselves, sort out their problems, pay back a debt they owe to the witch doctor or do something to be counted “good enough” for Jesus. “I can’t accept Jesus today. I have a bad back and can’t walk to church.”

It broke my heart. If only she knew who Jesus really is.

Please pray:

  • For this lady—that she will hear and understand God’s grace, and will come to know Jesus as her Savior.
  • For Pastor Deusma and the church in this village: for their own faith and courage as they follow Jesus and for their witness for Christ to those around them.
  • For the message of the Gospel of grace as it goes out across the airwaves on Radio 4VEH. Please pray that the Good News will be shared in clear and compelling ways through music, drama, preaching, advice, prayer and conversation. Pray for those listening, that God will prepare their hearts to receive him and encourage those who know him.

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