​An Open-Door Policy with God

June 25 2014

Imagine this scenario for a moment:

The big boss of your company has just given you an assignment, and it is not going to be easy. You’re told that this assignment is the future of this company! (No pressure, right?) You feel nervous about this new task, and to be honest, pretty unprepared and inadequate. Then, a bombshell is dropped. Your boss tells you that you cannot ask any questions along the way. How unprepared do you feel now?

Bigger than the future of any company, everything God has called us to do is for the future of his kingdom. Our purpose here on Earth is to glorify God, but the job that is so explicitly given to us is to make disciples of all nations. However we, as Christians, feel about this global mission, whether it be unprepared or inadequate, we thank God that prayer allows there to be an open-door policy between us and The Boss!

Without prayer, our work here at One Mission Society would not be possible. Therefore, prayer has been and continues to be the foundation of One Mission Society. As Lettie Cowman, an OMS cofounder, said, “Everything vital in missionary work, whether home or abroad, hinges upon prayer.”

As we continue to go through The Lord’s Prayer at our monthly prayer rallies, we are reminded that prayer is designed to be relational. Prayers are the conversations between God and his children that make his work possible. Through prayer, we are given guidance and direction for completing every task in front of us. Through prayer, we are empowered by the Holy Spirit to bring God’s children back to him. And through prayer, we see the hand of God everywhere.

We have ministry partners around the world, through our value-adding networks, who are seeing the power of prayer around them.

When Lácides Hernandez, the director of Prison Fellowship of Colombia, visited headquarters, the stories of transformation were abundant. He said prisoners are coming to Jesus daily, and he thanked us for covering this ministry in prayer. “I think that’s why the prison is being transformed,” he said.

Our missionaries in South Asia are constantly facing dangerous situations. One missionary compared their ministry to the story of Daniel in the lion’s den. Despite the hungry lions that surrounded Daniel, because he prayed, the lions left Daniel alone. The governments in these areas regularly persecute Christians. But our God—the same God who shut the mouths of the lions—has protected our missionaries so they can continue to spread the Gospel.

Prayer is a necessity for us and for our missionaries. In the same way that communication between boss and employee is needed for work projects to be successful, God’s work cannot be completed successfully without staying in constant communication with him. Thank God that his door is always open, his answers are always right, and his timing is always perfect!

By Christina Franks, One Mission Society Summer Communications Intern

(Artwork by OMS missionary Shirley Carlson)

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