Missionaries Are Like Coffee…

March 6 2014

Missionaries Are Like Coffee…

Missionaries are like coffee … Huh? What are some words associated with coffee? Aromatic. Bold. Robust. Coffee has a personality all its own, a distinct flavor. When it comes to coffee, people have opinions about it. Some love it, some hate it, and some just love the smell of it. Coffee’s character is a lot like those who share the Gospel. Missionaries are like coffee in the following ways:

Aromatic – 2 Corinthians 2:15 tells us: “For we are the aroma of Christ to God among those who are being saved and among those who are perishing…” If we live in a right relationship with Christ and do the things he has commanded us to do, people will know there is something different about us. 

Bold – The Bible is full of people who were bold in their faith as evidenced by their words and actions. After Jesus gave the Great Commission, the disciples were bold in their witness. Acts 4:13 says, “Now when they saw the boldness of Peter and John, and perceived that they were uneducated, common men, they were astonished.” 

Robust – The word “robust” does not appear in the ESV Bible, but synonyms do, like strong for example. In Ephesians 6:10, the Apostle Paul urges believers to “be strong in the Lord and in the strength of his might.” The enemy is out there, we know this, and therefore Paul reminds us who gives us our strength, our robust faith.

Are you robust in your faith, bold in your witness? Do you have a desire to see people attracted to Jesus by your life and witness? Are you ready for an adventure in the beautiful coffee country of Ecuador? Then, would you prayerfully consider the Loja Challenge 2015. This is an exciting opportunity for 10 young adults to take the Gospel to 5 unreached communities in Loja, Ecuador, for 1 year.

Don’t speak Spanish? No worries, this journey includes three months of immersion language study. 

Could this be the “cup” Jesus is asking you take? 

Come. With Jesus. To coffee country … For more info, check out: http://www.onemissionsociety.org/go/loja-challenge-2015-ecuador or contact Brent Morrell at 317.888.3333, ext. 391 or bmorrell@onemissionsociety.org.

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One Mission Stories "After the Show" -- Teddy and Emily Ray

February 27 2014

One Mission Stories "After the Show" -- Teddy and Emily Ray

We hope you enjoyed Sunday night's (March 2) One Mission Stories, OMS' one-hour missionary interview-style radio program, featuring OMS missionaries Teddy and Emily Ray, serving in Spain. The program shares how the Rays are living a radical life based on the book of Leviticus. They talk about their journey to getting to Spain, but also share about their call and how God wanted them to do a sabbatical (removing their hand from the plow) and trusting Him, in faith, to provide for their needs for a year while they served in missions.

Here are our "After the Show" resources to better connect you with things you heard about on last night's program.

The Rays are working with Every Community for Christ doing church multiplication, church planting, and training national leaders. We hope you enjoy their story, entitled: The Radical Adventure of Leaving All.


Do you want to be a missionary, either short- or long-term with 

OMS? Check out the opportunities, including all the upcoming short-term trips with MFM


If you would like to give a gift to any OMS ministries, you can do so online

PRAY: Pray for Rays. Pray for financial security, language learning, peace for their family back home while away, and for their kids to do well while in Spain.

If you would like to pray for other OMS needs, visit our OMS prayer wall.


You can purchase all OMS books through our OMS store on Amazon or by contacting the OMS World HQ. Call or email Barb Sandoz at 317.888.3333, ext. 313, or email bsandoz@onemissionsociety.org. The book mentioned in this segment was Missionary Maverick by Elmer Kilbourne.

OMS Outreach magazine was also mentioned on the broadcast. If you'd like to view the magazine, you can see it online here.

To connect your kids to fun mission activities, check out our One Mission Kids website.

If you are interested in attending OMS' International Conference, click here for more information and registration.


Please tune in to next week's One Mission Stories to hear from OMS missionary Alan Parkinson, serving in the South Pacific. If you would like to know more about any of our ministries around the world, please contact us at radio@onemissionsociety.org.

If you missed this program or any of our previous programs, you can listen to it at www.onemissionsociety.org/radio, or click here to listen to the broadcast on podbean.

Each week, you can listen live on Freedom 95 at 95.9 FM or 950 AM or live streaming at www.freedom95.us. Our programs are every Sunday night from 7-8 p.m.

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Multiplying the Gift

February 25 2014

Multiplying the Gift

Altagrace is a single mom. She always has been. 

In order to raise her daughter Esther, Altagrace’s friend introduced to her to me to see if I could use Altagrace’s help in our home (we served as OMS missionaries in Haiti for several years a few years ago). I gladly hired her and began getting to know our new friend. It didn’t take long to realize that Altagrace has a servant’s heart much like that of Christ.

As the story often goes in Haiti, when one member of the extended family has a job, that person is often expected to help out the rest of the family financially. In addition to her own daughter, Altagrace also took in her nephew Wawens to care for him after her sister died and his father was unable to care for him. 

Wawens has been in the Starfish Kid (SFK) program for three years and excels academically. Smiling, Altagrace tells me, “The SFK program has been a huge blessing in my life as I take care of Esther, Wawens, and another niece named Frisline.” If given the chance to meet her sponsor, she would tell them, “Thanks from my heart; I pray God will give you good health and supply your needs so you can continue to bless Wawens and our whole family!”

Photo: Altagrace, center in white, with the Chandler girls

--By Angela Chandler, OMS Communications

If you would like to donate to Starfish Kids, OMS’ child evangelism ministry that uses sponsorship and education to share the Gospel with approximately 7,000 children every day, click here to learn more and to donate.

Also, if you’d like to be matched with a sponsor child, please email Gwen Pinkerton at starfishkids@onemissionsociety.org.


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Radio 4VEH Receives NRB Milestone Award

February 18 2014

Radio 4VEH Receives NRB Milestone Award

Praise the Lord with us for all He is doing in and through the ministry of Radio 4VEH in Haiti. We are excited to announce that Radio 4VEH, OMS' Christian radio station in Cap Haitien, Haiti, will receive another prestigious award this year.

The National Religious Broadcasters (NRB) Association announced that Radio 4VEH, The Evangelistic Voice of Haiti, will be honored with a Milestone Award at the annual NRB convention later this month.

The Milestone Awards are presented annually to ministries with more than 50 years of continuous ministry in Christian broadcasting. This year, Radio 4VEH is celebrating 64 years of serving God and the Haitian people through radio. Radio 4VEH is one of five ministries to receive a Milestone Award at a ceremony on February 25, 2014, at the Gaylord Opryland Convention Center in Nashville, Tennessee.

This is the second time that Radio 4VEH has been honored by the NRB. Last year, Radio 4VEH was named NRB International Radio Ministry 2013, for "excelling in radio or audio ministry, exercising integrity and faithfulness to the cause of Christ, while demonstrating unusual effectiveness in impacting the target culture with the Gospel."

OMS missionary and station manager, Rev. Storly Michel (a Haitian), will receive the award on behalf of Radio 4VEH and One Mission Society.

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My Incredible Life as a Short Termer

February 11 2014

My Incredible Life as a Short Termer

Danielle, a recent university graduate from No. Ireland is serving as a teacher in the South Pacific. She reflects on her last five months of service:

"2013 was one of the most eventful years for me so far, I think. This year, I wrote a dissertation, something that still surprises me because I can’t believe I actually sat down and wrote it! I watched my good friend get married. I graduated from University, making me a qualified teacher. I finally learnt the difference between ‘its’ and ‘it’s’. I did something I always swore I would never do and dyed my hair blonde. I visited Italy with my sister, cousin and friend, which, despite having issues like broken suitcases and more than one incident with trains, it was the holiday of a lifetime.

Then, I moved across the world to a country where I don’t speak the language to start my first ever teaching job, and I’ve been here in the South Pacific ever since, trying to figure out life here. This process has been one of the most challenging and most hilarious experiences ... and is still ongoing. I’ve grown to love my class of little boys, managed to keep a hamster alive, accidentally enrolled at Bible college, began a youth group, somehow ended up in the local newspaper, helped organise a Christmas production for the first time, learnt how to ride on the back of a motorbike without holding on, spent my first Christmas away from my family, and most surprisingly, am now able to have a (basic) conversation in a language I didn’t even know existed a year ago.

There have been sad things as well – missing people and events back home, but serving overseas does involve a sacrifice. When I chose to live overseas, I’m not sure I completely understood what that sacrifice would entail, but this time if I choose to stay another year, I have a much better idea of what I’m giving up and what I’m gaining."

Is God calling you to be a missionary, either on the front lines or in a support role? View all of the opportunities how God can use you to be a missionary. Contact Brent Morrell at 317.888.3333, ext. 391 or bmorrell@onemissionsociety.org for more information.

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Immigrants, Migrants, and Refugees … God’s Response to Barriers to the Spread of the Gospel

February 6 2014

Immigrants, Migrants, and Refugees … God’s Response to Barriers to the Spread of the Gospel

Though missionaries go to a specific country or people to minister, they will share their faith and friendship with anyone who God brings into their lives. One Mission Society’s purpose is to make disciples of Jesus Christ.God has brought our missionaries into contact with people from other countries that have few missionaries, where missionaries are not allowed, or where the people are resistant to the Gospel. 

The spread of the Gospel cannot be stopped, and he will find a way for people to hear. That’s how much God loves people! Could immigrants, migrants, and refugees be a way for the Lord to keep the Gospel moving?  By bringing people from one country to another, he has created the opportunity to hear the Good News and for seeds to be planted in either culture.

Here are examples from some of our OMS missionaries:  

Ecuador: Kathy ministered to Russian neighbors before they moved back to Russia.

South Korea: Susan serves with a ministry to migrant workers from Thailand, Cambodia, the Philippines, and many other Asian countries that come to work in the many factories near Seoul. She also teaches English to refugees and Korean missionaries in training who are planning to serve in Asia and Latin America, and beyond, often to places where Western missionaries are not allowed to go. 

Ireland: Mick and Nora are involved in an English Bible study with Christian refugees from Myanmar. They also teach English at a community center for the Karen people, but the class has Polish, Russian, Ethiopian, and Lithuanian students as well. 

Spain: David, an Ecuadorian discipled by OMSers, felt called by God to move his family to Spain to minister to Ecuadorians and other Latinos who have immigrated there.

Europe (undisclosed): Nancy reaches out to the Muslim immigrants in Europe.

The Great Commission was given by Jesus before he returned to heaven. People have been actively participating in it, like the OMS missionaries mentioned above. What about you? Is God planting seeds in your heart to go to another culture and share the Good News?  Contact us today to begin your next step.


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The Bon Repos Project: A new Homes for Haiti ministry opportunity

January 30 2014

The Bon Repos Project: A new Homes for Haiti ministry opportunity

Jocelyn, a young Haitian man, has worked with the Homes for Haiti (H4H) project since the beginning. 

Joclyn When he started, he was a day laborer. But later, he received training in block laying and stucco work, so today, he leads the construction crews that lay the foundations for all the homes One Mission Society builds.

Since the beginning of H4H, we have started each work day with devotions at the work site. The Haiti work crew, and anyone else nearby, is always invited to join us. So, over the years, Jocelyn had probably heard about 225 devotions before he responded in February 2013 to the Good News of Jesus Christ.

God used countless volunteers, on many of the previous work teams, to touch Jocelyn’s heart and move him to make this life-changing decision.

Homes4Haiti-w-Flag2The January 12, 2010, earthquake in Haiti left hundreds of thousands of Haitians either dead or homeless across the southern portion of the country. The world immediately responded to help with rescue, health care, feeding, and short-term housing needs, including One Mission Society. But most of those groups are no longer assisting in Haiti.

In September 2010, One Mission Society launched Homes for Haiti in response to the great need for safe, reliable housing. In the past four years, OMS (through the leadership of our Men for Mission’s short-term coordinator and H4H director, Bill Evans) has sent 63 teams, with a total of 724 volunteers to build 54 homes for Haitian families. God has greatly blessed the ministry by providing the funds and work teams needed to build these homes. 

Exciting news: OMS is now taking the Homes for Haiti project to a new level! We have purchased land just north of Port au Prince, in a city called Bon Repos, a rapidly growing community. 

Whereas the initial project helped those from OMS-related churches who owned property, the new Bon Repos Project will help the people who cannot afford property or “the poorest of the poor.”  

H4H 7 houseOn this land, approximately 3.18 acres, we will build a community church, install wells, and build 35 new homes. The total cost is $600,000. God has blessed us with needed funds to purchase the property and a 1:1 matching grant for these 35 homes. Each $5,000 given will activate the matching grant and provide shelter for one of Haiti’s poorest families.

Will you consider giving to this life-changing ministry project? Your support will bring great blessing to Haitian families displaced by the earthquake and will help establish a church in this rapidly-growing area near Port au Prince, Haiti. You may donate safely and easily online. Please type in project #408063 for the Bon Repos Project, or you may send your gift directly to:

One Mission Society
PO Box 1648
Monument, CO 80132-1648

We also have opportunities in 2014 to volunteer with OMS to help build one of these houses. If you are interested in participating on a trip (as an individual or a group), please contact Bill Evans at bevans@onemissionsociety.org, or register online.

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OMS Announces Next President Elect

January 24 2014

OMS Announces Next President Elect

On behalf of One Mission Society’s Board of Trustees, we would like to officially announce the next President-elect of OMS, Dr. Robert Fetherlin. Bob and his wife Esther come to us with 33 years of experience with The Christian and Missionary Alliance (C&MA). They spent 8 years serving in Mali, West Africa, and the past 25 in leadership at the C&MA national headquarters.

Bob and Esther will officially begin service with OMS on July 1, 2014. David and Lori Long and the entire OMS missionary body welcome Bob and Esther, the 10th OMS President in our 113-year history, to the OMS family. We look forward to the future and how God will use us as we serve him together by his grace and for his glory.


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A Huge Thank You Shout Out

December 18 2013

A Huge Thank You Shout Out


Giving thanks is a universal relational principle. It is the right response to the Lord as well as to others. It is right to give thanks and praise to the Lord. As a partner in the ministries of One Mission Society you may wonder, “Did they appreciate what we gave?” Did it make a difference?” We are truly grateful to you and you ARE making a difference around the nations. You are helping to touch and change lives.

The late prophetic musician Keith Green said, “This generation of Christians is responsible for this generation of souls on earth.” Through all OMS ministries this last year, we anticipate more than a million new decisions for Christ  and thousands of new churches planted. Without you this would not happen! You, our churches and individuals, are a valuable partner. Yes, your prayers and donations are appreciated.

Thank you for your partnership in the greatest cause that matters.

As we remember the goodness of God this Christmas season and the gift of His Son, Jesus Christ, we cannot help but respond in thanks and love ourselves. We are grateful, Lord Jesus, that your story has become our story, and we celebrate your birth. This Christmas, may the Lord help each of us develop an attitude of gratitude, expressed in thoughtful, personal ways to others.

“The giving of gifts is not something man invented. God started the giving spree when he gave a gift beyond words, the unspeakable gift of His Son.”  ― Robert Flatt

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Asia Pacific Relief Needed

November 14 2013

Asia Pacific Relief Needed

Year after year, the people of the Asia Pacific region hold their breath in anticipation of the next typhoon/cyclone, tropical disturbance, or severe flooding due to the tropical cyclone season from November 1 – April 30.

This past Friday, Super Typhoon Haiyan devastated the central Philippines, causing widespread destruction and killing thousands.

Some meteorologists report that this might be the most powerful storm to ever hit land. According to CNN, “The typhoon was 3.5 times more forceful than Hurricane Katrina, which hit the United States in 2005. It wasn’t the storm’s 250-kph (155-mph) gusts that caused most of the damage—it was a mammoth storm surge that reached up to 5 meters (16 feet) high.”

The storms triggered landslides, uprooted trees, and destroyed homes and entire communities as its destructive forces moved quickly though the islands.

Early Monday, powerful winds also forced thousands to evacuate their homes in northeastern Vietnam. Destruction, to some extent, is evident throughout the Asia Pacific region.

OMS will send relief to the areas of the Asia Pacific region where we have ministries and workers on hand to do the most good. In one country, we have "boots on the ground," ready to put his military and relief experience to work to get immediate help into the hands of those that need it most.

Today, six days later, in many areas of the Asia Pacific region, we still see: No electricity. No food. No water. Widespread looting. Dead bodies scattered on the streets. Missing people. Hospitals overrun with patients. Houses and buildings demolished. And medical supplies running out.

This is how you can help today. Send your donation to One Mission Society, a ministry you know and trust.

We have set up account #408056 ― Asia Pacific Typhoon Relief fund to receive donations. OMS will distribute funds to our regional partners and ministries as funds become available.

To give online, go to http://www.onemissionsociety.org/give/express-give and use account #408056 in the project box, or send a check to One Mission Society, P.O. Box 1648, Monument, CO 80132-1648, and on the memo line put “#408056 ― Asia Pacific Typhoon Relief.”

Thank you in advance for your support through finances and prayers for the victims, missionaries, and ministries in this region.

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