Margo the Mobilizer

September 5 2018

This is blog 1 in a series of blogs on different homeland missionary roles. We begin with Margo, the Mobilizer!

Think of a missionary you know serving overseas. Have you ever thought about how they got there? How did that person who probably had a job and a family and a house and a church they loved leave their home country to live somewhere else?

Missionaries don’t just magically appear in another country. Ask any new missionary, and they’ll tell you about a long journey with some bumps and challenges along the way before they got to where God was calling them to go.

Paul understood this when he wrote in Romans 10:14-15, “And how can they hear about [Jesus] unless someone tells them? And how will anyone go and tell them without being sent?”

Missionaries are sent – and it takes people to send them.

At One Mission Society, the Mobilization team has the privilege of helping send missionaries around the world. As individuals begin to explore missions, we help them discern how God is leading them. We connect them with opportunities and countries that would be a good fit and walk alongside them through the process of applying and being accepted to serve with OMS.

As they begin to raise up a team of ministry partners, we pray with them, celebrate with them, and encourage them. And as they prepare to pick up their lives and move overseas, we help them work through the challenges they encounter and questions they face, like “What does the visa process look like?” “When should I quit my job?” and “What do I do with my stuff?”

If missions is a journey, mobilizers are the guides along the way.

A new missionary family serving in Mozambique expressed this perfectly:

“The last month has been challenging to say the least. Margo (our mobilizer) was right there; her calm spirit and prayers soothed our hearts.

I know many souls will come to Christ through our family in Mozambique. God used a beautiful tool in his hand to help us get to this place, and that tool is Margo.”

Because of mobilizers, people hear about opportunities to use their gifts, skills, and experiences to serve in missions. Because of mobilizers, people understand where God is leading them and are able to get there.

And because of mobilizers, missionaries are sent and people around the world are transformed by Christ.

To find out more about Margo, visit her profile page here.

To give to the homeland missionary fund, give here.

By Andrea Fisher, Director of Mobilization

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​Andrea Fisher Named New Mobilization Director

August 3 2018

For someone who loves to see people take the next step in missions, Andrea Fisher found herself ready to take the next step with One Mission Society by tackling the new leadership role of director of Mobilization, starting on July 1, 2018.

Growing up in Cincinnati, Ohio, Andrea knew Jesus at a young age due to her close-knit Christian community. After moving away at the age of 12 to follow her father’s calling to be a pastor, she felt as if her parents were making a mistake by moving away from the place that she called home. Andrea now looks back at her parents’ faithfulness to God’s plan and sees that it shaped her spiritual life even more.

“Even after I was called into ministry later on in my life, I can look back now and see that God was faithful to my family,” she said.

After her father finished seminary at Asbury Theological Seminary in Willmore, Kentucky, they settled down in Bellefontaine, Ohio. This was where she grew to love reading books and writing. She then attended Taylor University to pursue a degree in professional writing, with the hope of becoming a book publisher.

Her involvement with OMS began when her university held a career fair and OMS offered a short-term job opportunity for a Mobilization coordinator. The same day she applied for the job, Paul Cox (former director of Mobilization) called her to share the description of the job. After praying and trusting in the Lord and visiting the OMS campus, Andrea accepted the position at the OMS World Headquarters located in Greenwood, Indiana, in 2013.

In chapel on June 12, 2018, Andrea was publicly introduced as the new director of Mobilization, replacing Danny Beasley who was promoted to executive director of OMS USA just the week before. Both began their new roles on July 1. This is a role that Andrea’s colleagues say is one that she was meant to have since she was the interim director for three months in 2016 while the department was in the transition process of finding a new director. She knew after covering that role in 2016 that it was something that God was pushing her to do again if the opportunity came up.

Danny remembered Andrea asking him if there was any way that she could be involved with more leadership. “I knew that she was the right person for this position after she brought that request to my mind,” he said during chapel.

Andrea hopes to accomplish many goals as the director of Mobilization. Top on the list is to recruit more people as mobilizers, to help find those who are being called to serve in missions. One long-term goal that she hopes to accomplish is to create new ministry opportunities in several fields around the world that are gaining traction in their missions to share the Gospel.

“As a long-term vision, we hope to match our goals with the Billion.Global Vision so that we can establish a ministry of sharing the Gospel through business as missions,” Andrea shared.

OMS thanks the Lord for this amazing servant leader in Christ! Blessings on your new position, Andrea!

By Thaddaeus Ristow, Summer Communications Intern

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HR and Missions

September 19 2017

If you were to take a stroll through the offices of the Human Resources Department of One Mission Society at the World Headquarters in Greenwood, Indiana, on any given day, you'd see lots of people engaged in many activities and conversations which, much of the time, happen entirely behind the scenes but are vital for fulfilling the OMS mission and vision.

Chances are you'd see the vice president for Human Resources and his assistant on a phone conference with the folks who administer employee benefits for OMS missionaries and staff or with those who advise OMS on the ever-changing landscape of complying with government regulations regarding health care and employment. They might be talking with a missionary couple who are just returning for home ministry assignment between terms on the field.

Across the way, you'd likely hear a member of the Mobilization team answering questions from someone inquiring about opportunities to serve or helping someone clarify their sense of God's calling to cross-cultural ministry. If you listen closely, you might hear another Mobi team member helping a missionary candidate complete their application or checking references in preparation for upcoming interviews. Almost every day, you'd likely hear one of the mobilizers praying with someone on the phone.

A few steps down the hall, you might see someone from the Missionary Care team working on a "landing plan" to help a new single missionary headed to the field arrive and settle into their new home and assignment. Another team member might be talking via Skype with first-term missionaries to check in on how their family is doing after the first few months on the field. Or maybe you’d hear them helping a family prepare to say their goodbyes as they transition to a new assignment or return to the U.S. These folks support new missionary kids, seasoned veterans moving toward retirement, and families at all the points in between.

If you look around and don't see anyone from the Learning and Development team, that's not surprising. They might well be downstairs in the training room, facilitating Orientation for newly accepted missionary candidates or CROSS Training, the three-week learning experience that prepares men and women who are ready to head to their assignments with One Mission Society. If they're not downstairs, they could be somewhere else around the building, meeting with OMS leaders to design and implement new training initiatives. They might even be off-site facilitating training or providing coaching for our missionary field teams or U.S. partners.

The Lord has indeed blessed OMS with a corps of godly men and women who serve him in cross-cultural ministry around the world. But every day, the HR team members use the spiritual gifts and abilities God has given them to mobilize, equip, and support OMS missionaries and their families around the world. Like overseas cross-cultural missionaries, these homeland missionaries raise their own financial support in order to follow God's call in their lives. To read more about any of our missionaries, visit Find a Missionary on the OMS website.

Pray for the HR team, including:

HR Admin Team: Tommy Van Abeele, Laura Crosby, Doris Waters, Linda Six

Mobilization Team: Danny Beasley, Andrea Fisher, Margo Concepcion, Heather McPherson, Kelly Coy, KyoungMin Choi, and EunJin Kim

Missionary Care Team: Steve Christener, Kathy Fouts, Deanna Cathcart, Lori Long, Mark and Cindy Freer, Esther Cann, and Mel Reese

Learning and Development Team: Dick Freed, Carolyn Knight, Gail Davis, Sophie Schafer

By Dick Freed, Director of Learning and Development

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One Mission Stories "After the Show" - Paul and Dawn Cox

June 13 2014

We hope you enjoyed Sunday night's (June 15) One Mission Stories, OMS' one-hour missionary interview-style radio program, featuring OMS missionaries Paul and Dawn Cox.

The program features Paul and Dawn's testimonies, their call to missions (Paul from a business career as a headhunter and Dawn as a teen), their joys and challenges of missions life in Spain to their ministry here now at the OMS World HQ. Paul serves as the director of Mobilization. He says he "went from hunting heads to hunting hearts."

The Coxes also have a powerful ministry for families, discipling kids, etc...

Everyone has a story ... enjoy Paul and Dawn's!

Here are our "After the Show" resources to better connect you with things you heard about on last night's program.

GO: Do you want to be a missionary, either short- or long-term with OMS? Check out the opportunities, including all the upcoming short-term trips with MFM.

Learn about the Loja (Ecuador) Challenge 2015!

GIVE: If you would like to donate to any OMS ministries, you can do so online.

PRAY: Pray for Paul and Dawn as they co-lead Reset Conferences for families to learn to better disciple their children and learning priorities for families in ministry. Pray, too, for the Coxes 4 children and the possibility to adopt another child.

If you would like to pray for other OMS needs, visit our OMS prayer wall.

BOOKS/RESOURCES: You can purchase all OMS books through our OMS store on Amazon or by contacting the OMS World HQ... call or email Barb Sandoz at 317.888.3333, ext. 313, or email

OMS Outreach magazine was also mentioned on the broadcast. If you'd like to view the magazine, you can see it online here.

To connect your kids to fun mission activities, check out our One Mission Kids website.

If you are interested in attending OMS' International Conference, click here for more information and registration.

INFO: Tune in to next week's One Mission Stories to hear from Paul Cox share his missionary calling and journey from being a head hunter, to missionary in Spain to the director of Mobilization at the OMS World HQ. If you would like to know more about any of our ministries around the world, please email us at

If you missed this program or any of our previous programs, click here to listen to the broadcast on podbean.

Each week, you can listen live on Freedom 95 at 95.9 FM or 950 AM or live streaming at Our programs air every Sunday night from 7-8 p.m.

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