Haiti - Spring Up O Well

July 22 2013

Haiti - Spring Up O Well

Trainer Janiel traveled to Bois Neuf in 2012 to do evangelism. While there, he was led by the Holy Spirit to share the Gospel with a woman named Rosemyka, but she did not want to listen. Janiel started a station at Bois Neuf, but again, Rosemyke refused to join. 

Janiel realized that the people of Bois Neuf did not have a good source of water. They had been getting water from an open stream. The Lord cleared the way to make it possible to drill a well at Bois Neuf. Janiel continued to meet with the station. One day, as Janiel was studying the Train & Multiply booklets, he saw Rosemyka and approached. He gave her the booklet on training a pastoral leader. 

Later, Janiel invited her to discuss the booklet with him. They worked through the booklet together, and Rosemyka responded to the questions. They met several times, and Janiel asked Rosemyka if she wanted to accept Christ. Rosemyka said she already had. 

They continued to study Train & Multiply booklets, moving on to “When We Baptize Believers.” Rosemyka said she wanted to be baptized, but after being baptized, she was persecuted through dreams. She spoke to Janiel, and they started studying the “Let’s Pray” booklet. Rosemyka has been sleeping much better since then. 

Rosemyka’s mother was not a Christian, but accepted Christ because of what she observed in her daughter. Rosemyka is now training her entire family and sharing with students at school. She tells all who have recently accepted Christ to read the Bible, pray and study with a small group. She testifies, “God has all power and can deliver. Pray that I will remain faithful to the Lord and to the Word.”

Who will fulfill the great commission? Is God calling you to give financially, go in faith, or pray fervently?

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More Than a House

April 29 2013

More Than a House

After taking care of the team at the Villa and helping build a house for the OMS Homes for Haiti project with the team each day, Sarah was determined to stay home on Thursday. She just needed to finish up some tasks around the Villa and could really use some R&R. 

No one else talked about staying back, so she reluctantly decided she needed to go to the worksite. Sarah and the rest of the women worked alongside the men for the morning but felt less than productive.

Evangelism. That is what came to Sarah’s mind as she thought about the afternoon. The women took off and started sharing the Gospel message with those who would listen.

Savannah, another woman in the group, jumped at the first person they encountered. He accepted Christ!

The next area they went to had eight Haitian women and six or so children. Although they were warned that these Haitian women had ties to voodoo, the courage of the Holy Spirit came through.

After a brief explanation and discussion of the Gospel message, these women were asked if any of them wanted to accept Christ as their Savior. They all did.

Later, these Haitian women were asked why they covered their faces as they prayed to accept Jesus. They responded that they felt unworthy to receive this blessing from God.

Nine adults heard the Gospel, and nine accepted Christ. Not a bad day of evangelism!

Although the day started for Sarah as a day that she didn’t want to help build one more house, God had different plans for her. The day turned out to be more than building a house in Haiti – a mansion is being built for these nine Haitians, along with the others that accepted Christ that day.

Is God calling you to help build a house in Haiti for those who lost everything during the earthquake a few years ago? Contact Bill Evans to see how you can participate on a short-term team. Or, maybe God is asking you to write a check to help pay for another home to be built? Start down a path to help build a house as Sarah did, and see what journey God has in store for you.

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Resounding Hope for Haiti

April 10 2013

Resounding Hope for Haiti

When a Dynamic Women team shared the Gospel in Saccanville, Haiti, many people received Christ. But one older man rejected Christ, saying, “I’m just not ready yet.” We found out that this man, named Deaconville, was a witch doctor and that he died not knowing Jesus. As we bring these solar radios into Haiti, men like Deaconville will be able to hear the Gospel not just once, but over and over again. These sturdy radios will last for years. 

After the earthquake in 2010, many Haitians were praising God for being alive. There seemed to be a new awareness of God's mercy. A verse in Isaiah (54:10) describes how many felt: "For the mountains shall depart and the hills be removed. But my kindness shall not depart from you. Nor shall my covenant of peace be removed says the Lord who has mercy on you."

So, please join us in reaching our goal to raise $6,000 for solar radios. It's $60 to sponsor one radio and reach a whole household, which is about 6 people. You can help by making a donation of $60 or any amount.

Thanks for joining us in Resounding Hope for Haiti!

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Award-winning Radio 4VEH Offers Lifeline to Haitians

March 11 2013

Award-winning Radio 4VEH Offers Lifeline to Haitians

Up to 80 percent of people in Haiti can't read or write well enough to cope with daily life. Radio stations play a vital role in many aspects of life for the Haitian people, including the expansion of the Gospel.

Fifty-five years ago, One Mission Society realized the opportunities that partnering with Radio 4VEH could have. Soon after, OMS owned and operated this radio station in the north of Haiti.

In addition to the daily Bible readings, Christian music and preaching, Radio 4VEH’s daily announcements about the weather and health information have become a lifeline to the community.

During the earthquake of 2010, this lifeline was put to the test. Not knowing what was happening, many Haitians turned to Radio 4VEH to receive up-to-the-minute details, informing them what had occurred and how they should respond. Not only did the Haitians receive this practical information, they also were given the Good News of Jesus Christ, the only one who could truly save them.

Radio 4VEH was recently honored by the National Religious Broadcasters (NRB) by receiving the NRB International Radio Ministry Award. According to the NRB, this award is presented to an organization that excels in radio ministry while demonstrating effectiveness in impacting the culture with the Gospel.

Pre-tuned, solar powered radios are distributed free of charge throughout the listening area. Not only do these Haitians receive a radio that can broadcast Radio 4VEH, they receive a Gospel presentation, giving them a chance to receive the true lifeline, Jesus Christ. 

Would you like to see Radio 4VEH continue to help Haitians living in the northern part of the country receive the true lifeline? Become a monthly partner with this ministry or give a special gift today so that the broadcasts can continue to provide life-saving information.

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Opposition Faced

December 10 2012

Opposition Faced

Someone who has made a decision to follow Jesus is often faced with resentment and hatred. This is the case with Jacky.

Earlier this year, a member of the Evangelical Church of Vaudreuil, the church located near the One Mission Society compound in Cap-Haitien, Haiti, shared the Gospel with Jacky. He immediately accepted Christ as his Savior.

Then, the opposition started. Jacky’s father abandoned him as a result of this decision.

Where could Jacky turn to receive daily reminders that his Heavenly Father would not abandon him? Radio 4VEH, the OMS radio ministry in Haiti, if only he had a radio to listen to.

Since 1950, Radio 4VEH has been broadcasting the Good News of Jesus. Located just outside of Cap-Haitien, its broadcasts reach a potential of close to 1 million listeners.

Through the Resounding Hope project, One Mission Society is raising funds to provide solar-powered radios, which are pre-tuned to Radio 4VEH. These radios also include a copy of the audio Bible in Creole.

As the poorest country in the Western Hemisphere, many Haitians do not even have a radio to listen to.  By handing out solar-powered radios, Radio 4VEH can be heard even in the most remote villages in Haiti.

With every $60 donation made, a Gospel presentation will be made to a Haitian needing to know Christ, a radio will be placed in the hands of this person, and Radio 4VEH will be ensured to continue to broadcast. Would you be willing to help encourage Jacky, and others like him, as they try to walk closer with the Lord?

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