OMS Family Tree

February 4 2015

One Mission Society is not just an international mission organization, it is a family—a very diverse family—but a family nonetheless. Our OMS family tree began as a sprout planted in the soil of Japan, lovingly tended by Charles and Lettie Cowman, Juji Nakada, and Ernest and Julia Kilbourne. Rooted in holiness and resolute faith in a life-giving God, the tree grew sturdy and strong, branching out across the seas into all the continents, with the exception of Antarctica. However, if a civilization existed, I guess we would have been there by now too.

For the past 114 years, the OMS family tree has continually produced fruit with an eternal shelf life. Just last year, in 2014, more than 1 million people came to faith in Jesus Christ through the ministries of OMS! There is much more work to do, and I pray 2015 will be just as fruitful … and more because OMS makes disciples of Jesus Christ. We do not just count raised hands responding to a sermon. Our missionaries and national partners cultivate disciples and church plants that are able, willing, and eager to reproduce. Following Jesus’ command to make disciples of all nations is the soil One Mission Society uses to plan, plant, and produce disciples who will carry on the process to their own cultures and fellow citizens.

Founded on the principle that the most effective way to share Christ is by training a nation’s people to lead and multiply their churches, the OMS family tree grows with every person who comes into the family of believers. We do not do this for ourselves but for the glory of God.

By Beth Jordal - Communications

Tags: mission history, making disciples, family tree