God at Work in South Aisa

November 13 2014

God is at work in South Asia. We are grateful for our ministry partnerships there. Here is a report of some of the exciting thing happening:

Forty young adults have completed their theological course at the Bible school and have also completed the T&M training - 1st sequence. They have returned to their districts and are multiplying training through T&M to the local churches throughout South Asia.

Sixty church planters and 60 dynamic women attended follow-up T&M training, with training from our own OMS Dynamic Women in Missions team. Out of the 60 women, we have chosen 12 key leaders for supervising other dynamic women. They have returned to the 49 districts and shall train to dynamic women in the local churches.

The So. Asian dynamic women and young adults will now plant three new churches in their respective locations this next year.

And finally, our ministry partner led an open-air evangelistic meeting recently. More than 15,000 people attended the meeting and heard the Good News. Miracles occurred three times as rain started falling during the meeting, but they prayed for the rain to stop immediately, and the sky cleared and sun shined. Hallelujah!!!

Thank you for your prayers and support for rapid church growth ministry in South Asia!

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