Ecuador Earthquake Update

May 13 2016

LATEST UPDATE, as of Wed., May 18: Two NEW earthquakes rocked Ecuador on May 18, both registering around 6.8 magnitude. Both quakes occurred in the same area as the one a month ago. Please pray for the people of this region, who are very shaken up emotionally. ALL of our OMS missionaries and coworkers are fine. Please read below about the increased matching gift and how your gift today can be DOUBLED!

Monday, May 16 marks the one-month anniversary of the devastating earthquake that hit Ecuador. Often, when we do not hear the reports or see the images daily in front of us, we forget about what happened. And we forget that the people are still suffering.

Our OMS team, led by OMS missionaries Steve and Hannah Skinner and Guido and Kim Orellana, and including many national workers, church members and the youth group have set up a soup kitchen in Manta where the earthquake relief continues. Their goal is to feed and share God's love with up to 500 people per day!

The team in Manta is caring for its members by currently supplying 33 families with food, water, and hygiene items. All church members who have been displaced are either staying with family or have been relocated. The church hopes to start weaning this number down to 5 families as these families relocate and stabilize. The general population of the church is middle to lower class.

The team is going out several times a week doing street evangelism in various neighborhoods and handing out extra bags of food, water, and hygiene items.

We praise the Lord that the church has grown from an average of 90 in attendance to about 120 since the quake, and 18 people have given their lives to Christ in this church since the earthquake.

We had asked you to pray for Pastor Julio. He is doing much better, but please continue to pray for him as he leads these efforts.

One of the upcoming projects will be to fix the Manta church. We had originally reported that it had no damage, but have since found out that it sustained cracks to the structure.

GREAT NEWS!!! Our partner Dennis Hardin with Mercy, Inc (our OMS-related relief and development ministry), shared that we now have a matching grant of $100,000! Thank you, Lord! But for those funds to be used, we must secure donations from you. Please pray about how you might be a part of what God is doing post-earthquake in Ecuador.

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