​Meet Our Summer 2018 Interns!

June 15 2018

One Mission Society welcomed its summer interns in late-May with open arms and prayerful hearts. The seven interns are divided into four different departments at the OMS HQ in Greenwood, Indiana. Below are short profiles of each intern about who they are, how they came to OMS, and what they hope to learn from this experience.

Maddie Mitchell attends Rochester Institute of Technology and is studying graphic design. She found OMS through a friend who had been a missionary through the organization and her sister, Jessica, was also an intern here in 2016. What made her most interested about this internship was the fact that it was in a flexible Christian atmosphere, which is how she hopes God will use her to grow in acquiring professional skills for the future. Maddie works as the graphic design intern in the Communications Department.

Milly Hensley attends Anderson University while studying cinema and media arts. Milly became interested in OMS about a year ago just out of her own curiosity. The internship was with a Christian organization and is what made her feel that her calling was to be a part of OMS. She hopes to gain some more understanding of God’s plan for her and to see how he uses her through this internship. Milly works in the Communications Department as the video intern.

Brittany Ross graduated from Indiana Wesleyan University in April with a bachelor’s degree in strategic communication. She works in the Communications Department as the One Mission Kids intern. She knew about OMS through several missionaries who attend her church and work at the organization. She was looking for an internship that she would enjoy and also one that would uniquely blend her love for Jesus Christ and helping missionary children. Brittany says that she hopes to find out more about God’s plan for her through this internship and to connect with more people within OMS.

Savannah Swanberg attends Baylor University and is studying marketing and international studies. The internship of OMS was brought to her attention through the many resources that her college provided for her. She knew that she wanted to have the chance to align her faith walk with her career plans. Ultimately, Savannah wants to receive a deeper understanding of who God is and how he will use her in a professional setting.

Andy Wendling is a student at Texas A&M and is majoring in recreation, park, and tourism science. The internship at OMS came as an answer to her prayers in hopes to find a Christian internship. The opportunity at OMS caught her eye the most because she wanted to learn more about what it would be like firsthand in the career that she would like to pursue. Andy works at OMS as the International Ministries intern and hopes to experience relationships with people based on a Christian foundation within OMS.

Isaac Blasiman attends Indiana Wesleyan University as a senior in accounting and computer information systems. Missions has always been a part of his life because of his parents and it was a thought in his mind that he was called to pursue. He found OMS after he talked with some representatives from the organization’s booth at IWU about two years ago. He remembered the internship and knew that it was something God was leading him into. Isaac says he is hoping to grow spiritually, socially, and professionally in real-world experiences of OMS.

Thaddaeus Ristow attends Concordia University in Nebraska and hopes to graduate in December with a bachelor of arts in journalism and public relations. After looking online for “Christian journalism internships for summer 2018,” OMS was the first one that popped up, and I was instantly curious. The internship is a great way to learn more about missions and utilizing my writing skills for a Christian organization. I hope to learn more about the calling that God is leading me into and hope to connect with as many people as I can while working in the Communications Department as the journalism intern.

We’re thankful for these talented interns that God has blessed OMS with this summer.

By Thaddaeus Ristow, Summer Communications/Journalism Intern

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​"I really hate ultimate frisbee, but …"

July 7 2017

Chelsea Long, a junior at the University of Missouri Columbia, is passionate about telling people's stories. With an emphasis in strategic communication and a love of theater, her special set of skills reveal a young woman who strives to share everyone's unique story. So it's no surprise that she decided to serve in the Communications and Marketing Department this summer with One Mission Society.

Chelsea grew up in a Christian home with a family of strong believers. She was plugged into church the minute she was born, she jokes, but when she was old enough to finally join the youth group, the beloved youth pastor left. Unfortunately, the new youth pastor focused more on growing numbers than growing the faith of the people [who] had been there." By her sophomore year in high school, Chelsea joined a new church and youth group where she happily connected with a great group of Christian friends. But, after several issues, the friend group dissolved only two years later, leaving Chelsea feeling isolated and alone, like she had no one to lean on or pour into her spiritual life.

When it came time to choose a university, Chelsea chose one that everyone warned was a huge party school, effectively causing her to worry about falling in with the wrong crowd of people. So, the minute she arrived on campus, she dedicated herself to finding a good group of Christian students. It just so happened that soon after her arrival, she was invited to play ultimate frisbee with a group of fellow Christians. Chelsea’s first thoughts were, “Yes, friends! Boo ultimate frisbee!” Despite the fact that she firmly hates ultimate frisbee, she went in order to invest in and cultivate relationships. She reflects that this group of friends has been instrumental in "building me up, strengthening my faith, and teaching me how to live out my faith, especially in a very secular school."

With the summer quickly approaching, Chelsea actively sought an internship that was either nonprofit or focused on ministry. This led her to accept a summer position with OMS, a decision she does not regret.

"OMS gives you great experience in your specific field of study, while also helping you build your faith while being surrounded by a great group of believers."

This is our fifth in a series of five blogs about our summer interns. We hope you enjoyed learning more about them. If you, or someone you know, is interested in an internship at OMS, email go@onemissionsociety.org.

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​Praying for Our Plans

July 30 2014

If, three years ago, someone would've asked me where my life was going, I’d have a scheduled answer for them. You see, my life was on a timeline for two years. My boyfriend at the time and I were very serious. We had talked about marriage, and I was set on it! I planned it all out. We’d get engaged junior year and married before senior year. I knew where I wanted to get married, and I had already researched where we’d live. I was obsessed with this three-year plan! (Before you kindly tell me I’m crazy, let me reassure you that I already know!)

In case you didn't notice, the word “I” was just used a lot. The timeline that I was obsessed with was my own creation. In fact, I was so focused, making every detail come through that I never stopped to ask God about … well … any of it. I was so off base that God shut the whole operation down. The things that I had planned were not necessarily bad in themselves, but they would not have glorified God in the long run.

This was a big lesson to learn, and I still struggle with “me.” But I’m not perfect, and God is working on me through the surrendering process.

Missionaries are often looked at as “perfect Christians.” They’re admired for their courage and willingness to follow God, but that doesn't mean that they have all the answers. Even missionaries have to constantly pray for direction from God.

Though my time at OMS was short, the God-centeredness of the ministries was evident early on.

That doesn't mean that everything was always smooth sailing. Details, timelines, and deadlines constantly surround OMS, and it’s easy to get swept up in them! And this kind of planning is exciting! Mission trips, projects, and new fields all are great things—when they glorify God and are surrendered to his will. Just like the future I was planning by myself, if one of our plans or ideas will not glorify God, it’d be better for him to shut the door entirely than to have us try to make it work in our own human strength.

Give your plans to God today. Ask him for guidance and direction as you seek him. When you seek to glorify him in everything, the plans will follow.

And will you pray the same prayer for One Mission Society? As you read the Facebook posts about great things God is doing, will you join OMS in giving God the future? Each plan and project needs to be given to God for his guidance and his glory.

By Christina Franks, Summer Communications Intern

Editor’s note: We are going to miss Christina so much. She has contributed a lot to our team this summer, including all the blogs for the past 10 weeks. Please include her and her future in your prayers. She is praying about her next plans that just might include OMS in the future! She's also scheduled to write the next two blogs...

(Christina is in green in the center.)

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