​Praying for Our Plans

July 30 2014

If, three years ago, someone would've asked me where my life was going, I’d have a scheduled answer for them. You see, my life was on a timeline for two years. My boyfriend at the time and I were very serious. We had talked about marriage, and I was set on it! I planned it all out. We’d get engaged junior year and married before senior year. I knew where I wanted to get married, and I had already researched where we’d live. I was obsessed with this three-year plan! (Before you kindly tell me I’m crazy, let me reassure you that I already know!)

In case you didn't notice, the word “I” was just used a lot. The timeline that I was obsessed with was my own creation. In fact, I was so focused, making every detail come through that I never stopped to ask God about … well … any of it. I was so off base that God shut the whole operation down. The things that I had planned were not necessarily bad in themselves, but they would not have glorified God in the long run.

This was a big lesson to learn, and I still struggle with “me.” But I’m not perfect, and God is working on me through the surrendering process.

Missionaries are often looked at as “perfect Christians.” They’re admired for their courage and willingness to follow God, but that doesn't mean that they have all the answers. Even missionaries have to constantly pray for direction from God.

Though my time at OMS was short, the God-centeredness of the ministries was evident early on.

That doesn't mean that everything was always smooth sailing. Details, timelines, and deadlines constantly surround OMS, and it’s easy to get swept up in them! And this kind of planning is exciting! Mission trips, projects, and new fields all are great things—when they glorify God and are surrendered to his will. Just like the future I was planning by myself, if one of our plans or ideas will not glorify God, it’d be better for him to shut the door entirely than to have us try to make it work in our own human strength.

Give your plans to God today. Ask him for guidance and direction as you seek him. When you seek to glorify him in everything, the plans will follow.

And will you pray the same prayer for One Mission Society? As you read the Facebook posts about great things God is doing, will you join OMS in giving God the future? Each plan and project needs to be given to God for his guidance and his glory.

By Christina Franks, Summer Communications Intern

Editor’s note: We are going to miss Christina so much. She has contributed a lot to our team this summer, including all the blogs for the past 10 weeks. Please include her and her future in your prayers. She is praying about her next plans that just might include OMS in the future! She's also scheduled to write the next two blogs...

(Christina is in green in the center.)

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