Making a Difference in the Philippines

January 22 2014

Making a Difference in the Philippines

About a month ago, from December 16-20, 2013, our Every Community for Christ Philippines coordinator, Mar Ocampo, and two fellow pastors and ECC workers, Roehl Rivera and Willy Galzote took a 5-day exploratory trip to Tacloban City, Philippines, to access the damage from the November 2013 typhoon and determine how One Mission Society and our denomination of churches in the Philippines, Faith Evangelical Church of the Philippines, can best help in this area. Here is a brief report from Mar.

We flew to Tacloban City on December 16 with a confidence that God would guide and help us with our exploratory mission. Before the airplane had touched the ground, we saw the panoramic view of the extent of the devastation. The ruins are indeed heartbreaking; even worse than what we have seen on the television. 

While on our way to our first destination, we saw the unbelievable destruction all around the area, plus we heard the stories from our driver on how thousands of people were killed instantly when the typhoon surge hit Tacloban City. His son, who is a policeman, was on duty at the airport, has been missing since the typhoon. 

From day one until we returned home, the trip was filled with divine meetings, being in the right place, at the right time, to meet the right people.

Our future plans are to return to Tacloban City to focus our relief and rehabilitation activities, starting with purchasing corrugated metal sheets to cover the roofs of all the houses that lost them in the typhoon. The team also plans to build relationships and share the Gospel with the people. 

We hope to begin work there the first week of February 2014, but this is subject to approval of OMS and FECPI. We thank God for directing our path to all the right people we needed for future ministry connections. 

Rev. Marcos M. Ocampo, ECC Country Coordinator, Philippines

Let’s Make a Difference

This July, Dynamic Women in Missions will be partnering with the ministries of Faith Evangelical Church of the Philippines to share the Good News of Jesus Christ, who is not only the “missing piece” of the puzzle, but also the “missing peace” in people’s lives in the midst of storms.

As a member of our team, you will have the opportunity to use your unique gifts, abilities, personality and life experiences to minister to and alongside Filipino women and children.  Opportunities may include children's ministry, leading and sharing in praise and worship services, outreaches, mini-retreats for women, teaching values education classes in a local high school, and encouraging Filipino women in ministry. Total cost is approximately $2,700. If interested, please contact Dynamic Women today at

Donations are also still needed. We have set up account #408056 ― Asia Pacific Typhoon Relief fund to receive donations. OMS will distribute funds to our regional partners and ministries as funds become available. 

To give online, go to and use account #408056 in the project box, or send a check to One Mission Society, P.O. Box 1648, Monument, CO 80132-1648, and on the memo line put “#408056 ― Asia Pacific Typhoon Relief.”

Thank you for your support through finances and prayers for the victims, missionaries, and ministries in this region.

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One Mission Stories "After the Show" -- Carolyn Knight

November 15 2013

One Mission Stories "After the Show" -- Carolyn Knight

We hope you enjoyed Sunday night's (Nov. 17) One Mission Stories, OMS' radio program, featuring One Mission Society missionary Carolyn Knight, serving as a trainer with Every Community for Christ.

Here are our "After the Show" resources to better connect you with things you heard about on the program last night.

Carolyn shared many stories about her time in Africa before she joined OMS ... and boy, are some of those stories life-changing! She also shared about her travels to Africa and Asia with OMS as a trainer/facilitator with OMS' Every Community for Christ ministry. And finally she shared about a local ministry she involved with to minister to women in the stripper industry. As you listen, you hear Carolyn's heart for evangelism and church planting.


Do you want to be a missionary, either short- or long-term with OMS? Check out the opportunities. ECC is seeking church planters and church multiplication facilitators in several countries around the world.


If you would like to give a gift to any OMS ministries, you can do so online. Just type the ministry name and amount you'd like to give.


If you would like to know more about any of our ministries around the world, please contact us at or connect at

Please tune in to next week's One Mission Stories to hear the testimonies of several University of Indianapolis nursing students and staff who recently participated in a short-term medical missions trip to Ecuador. 

If you missed this program or any of our previous programs, you can listen to it at, or click on the subscribe link to subscribe to our iTunes podcast so you're sure not to miss any of the future shows! You can also listen live on Freedom 95 at 95.9 FM or 950 AM or live streaming at Our programs are every Sunday night from 7-8 p.m.

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Doors Opening in Romania

October 15 2013

Doors Opening in Romania

The Every Community for Christ T4T (training) group, started by Pastor Danny Ispas among the ethnic Romanian people of Carand, is going well with six members regularly attending, including Danny and his wife, Sarah. Even more exciting, given all the upset caused by the sudden death of their pastoral worker, a flourishing T4T group has been established in the ethnic Roma church in the neighboring village by Danny’s father, Pastor Daniel Ispas. So many people (regular average 10-12) are now coming that Danny has been drafted to help.

The following story is a wonderful example of what trainers are always taught – and Christ expects of them – to “model” the behavior we want our trainees to emulate. And it is a great example of the immediate results that can happen as a trainer is faithful in this.              

Pastor Danny writes,

“During one of the T4T group meetings at the Roma church, the trainees were practicing their faith stories, and I asked my dad (Daniel) to go and share with two men who were hanging around at the door watching what was going on. After my dad shared his faith story, one of the guys (Remus) said, "You know pastor, I would like to believe like you, but something holds me back, and I don’t know what it is." So, there and then my dad offered to pray for him. After the prayer, with tears in his eyes, he said, "I want Jesus in my life!" On Sunday, August 18, he is getting baptized, along with his wife. The picture above left shows Remus and his wife (center), along with Remus’ brother, Emanuel.  He, and the woman on the left, were baptized the month before.

The photo below shows the second man (Manea). His wife got baptized last month. He is going to be baptized as well.

Manea with his wife and children (photo at right)

Praise God for His work in the hearts of these Roma people; this will be the third baptismal service in the last three months in the Roma church.”

View all of the opportunities how God may use you to be a missionary. Is God calling you to be a worker, either on the front lines or in a support role?


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From Hindu Idols to Jesus Christ

April 1 2013

From Hindu Idols to Jesus Christ

Earning only $3.00 per day, Ujjwal tried to support his wife and children as a farmer in the Sunderban Islands in West Bengal, India. Like many in this area, he worshiped the Hindu gods, praying and making offerings to these idols.

When Ujjwal’s father became very ill, Ujjwal soon realized that these gods, and even the medical personnel, could not help. Ujjwal soon met Patra, a worker for Every Community for Christ, One Mission Society’s church multiplication catalyst.

Patra shared the love of Jesus Christ with Ujjwal, and soon, Patra started praying over Ujjwal’s father. These prayers caused Ujjwal’s father’s health to dramatically improve. Because of this miraculous healing, Ujjwal and his family became believers in Christ and started sharing with others.

Their newly formed faith was tested when an arsonist set fire to Ujjwal’s house. Being away while doing ministry, Ujjwal did not despair. He turned to his heavenly Father for divine intervention.

Ujjwal’s son called to tell him that a sudden rain storm blew out of nowhere to put the fire out. The house was not destroyed!

Through all of these events, Ujjwal understands the power of prayer. In April 2013, more than 500 new believers will take part in a baptism ceremony. When Ujjwal was asked how there is such an abundance of fruit in the ministry he is a part of, he replied, "Continuous prayer."

Please take a moment and pray for all of OMS’ workers around the world. Prayer is a vital part of the ministry at OMS, as this work can only be done with the help of the Almighty God. Please visit OMS’ Wall of Prayer often, so that you can continue to pray without ceasing.

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