Teens Share the Gospel in Colombia, Part 2

September 17 2014

Here's part 2 of the Carlson kids' testimonies. Micah, an OMS missionary kid (MK), shares his story of their short-term trip to Colombia to share the Gospel.

I don’t like evangelism because it makes me nervous. It’s not so much a fear of sharing my faith, but of not wanting to knock on the door. It’s so much easier with three people (me, the interpreter, and a local church member) because you only have to worry about a third of it!

What impacted me most was how much fun it was with four other teenage guys on the team. It was a privilege for all of us to be able to share Jesus with others, especially alongside our dads.

The Colombian ministry team prays for weeks, but Sunday we joined them to prayer walk on a hill that overlooks the city of Medellin. We prayed, “God would you open the heavens, open doors, open hands and open hearts?” He did. Mine as well.

One door God opened was with a little 12 year-old girl, her mom, and her very old grandpa who sat slumped in a wheelchair. The crumbling house was crowded as we squished into their tiny living room. I recounted a story of God’s provision for something he knew I needed once: a bicycle when mine was stolen. The Colombian family listened and nodded. After hearing the plan of salvation, they all wanted to accept Jesus! We had the privilege of giving them a gift, just like the bicycle God had provided for me. This gift was Jesus, someone God knew they needed.

Our second day in the neighborhood, 106 people came to Christ. The pastor expressed his gratitude with emotion, “Thank you for coming. We've been praying for this.” I was asked to pray in Spanish to thank the Lord for the fruitfulness that day. Many were in tears because they had never had so many people come to Christ.

I would tell my Christian friends that participating on an evangelism team is a good experience. Everyone should do it at least once. It’s good for faith. You have to trust God the whole week. It’s what God wants you to do.

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Teens Share Faith in Colombia

September 17 2014

Enjoy this ministry report from OMS missionary kid (MK) Maddy Carlson. She, her brother Micah, dad Greg, and 7 others on the team shared the Gospel on a short-term evangelism trip to Colombia in July with One Mission Society. Hopefully this will inspire you to KNOW you too can share your faith with others as these teens did.

Colombia Report from Maddy

As we walked along the streets of Medellin, Colombia, in July, I saw some people sleeping on the sidewalk. I knew that when Jesus looked into the hearts of people, he had compassion on them. When I looked at them, all I could do was pray, "God, make their lives alright and change them."

I walked with an interpreter and someone from the local church, knocking on doors. Every day, we visited a different community. The Colombians had already been praying and fasting over their communities a long time before we arrived. As visitors, my teammates and I shared our testimony and presented the Gospel using the Evangecube. The local church member took note of who prayed to receive Christ. As each day concluded, we presented the names of the new believers as a gift to the local house church to disciple. In four days, through six teenagers and four dads, 335 prayed to receive Christ!

Maddy evangelizing
He never opened the gate, but it did not

stop him from opening his heart to Christ.

I was nervous the first day we began to walk the rough streets of Medellin. I saw an elderly gentleman sweeping his stairs and asked if we could get his attention. As I shared, he continued to sweep, so I thought, "He doesn't care about what we're saying." However, when I began to present the Gospel, he became very interested. Even though a security gate stood between us, he listened. He never opened the gate, but it did not stop him from opening his heart to Christ. He was the first person I had ever led to Christ!

I described my Colombian ministry trip to a youth leader after I returned home. "I don't think I could ever do that," she said to me. I heard myself tell her, "Really, it's not hard or scary because you know that God is watching over you. You have people with you and other people praying for you. Anyone can tell people about God. You just have to have faith."

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One Mission Stories "After the Show" - Colombia ST Team

May 15 2014

We hope you enjoyed Sunday night's (May 18) One Mission Stories, OMS' one-hour missionary interview-style radio program, featuring three gentlemen that participated on an OMS short-term mission trip to Colombia. Fernando Cervantes, an Indianapolis police officer, Ben Greenbaum, an associate pastor of two Greenwood, IN, churches, and Bill Evans, an OMS missionary serving as the director of ministry teams with Men for Missions.

The program features many stories of changed lives as the team did door-to-door evangelism.

Everyone has a story ... enjoy this Colombia short-term team's!

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PRAY: Pray for the Saturation Antioquia ministry in Colombia. Pray that all those who accepted Christ would grow. Pray for those who did not ... that God would bring the right person into their lives.Pray for Fernando as he serves as an Indianapolis police officer. Pray for Ben as he pastors and for his family. Pray for Bill as he directs the short-term teams being sent around the world for a life-changing journey.

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