Peace on Earth to Every Person

December 18 2015

By Kathleen Thompson Howarth, Mother of OMS Missionary Aimee Howarth, Mozambique

Christmas 2015 is different. Part of me is still in Africa in some sense. One doesn't make the transition after three months, in sharp order. I find many nights I am still having dreams about life there, and concerned about getting this or that ready, not having the right tools or availabilities to get something done, thinking about supplies, and getting up early to go somewhere all day. But then I wake up and here I am in Malibu, bright and slightly cool temperatures, sustained electricity and water, plenty of food, different agendas for the day, driving on streets twinkling with Christmas lights on my way to and from my house.

Christmas lights already are 30 percent off as if the season was over ... People, like myself, living in neighborhoods with little thought of a world outside our own. Unless one specifically tries to watch the world news, most of the news coverage is local or national about charitable toy giveaways, the newest Christmas gadgets, Arnold Schwartzenegger becoming vegetarian, and fractious debates about Muslims.

In this season, which bespeaks peace, we have wars and rumors of wars, and yet it seems faraway to most of us. So important to get a grasp on what real peace is. Not necessarily quietness on my own street, nor inactivity, nor just getting along with the people I know, nor peace at any price … nor for a season.

Isn't the peace that Jesus promises an order above all these superficial signs of peace? If it isn't, than I am just waiting for the other shoe to drop, and my perfect world will be shattered in an instant. It may very well be shattered, but from the dust, my heart will still beat with an enduring peace that only the Prince of Peace can give.

Thank You, Father, for giving me that peace that surpasses understanding. The peace that says, You and I are all right, we are reconciled, I am forgiven, You are sovereign, I am Your child, and You love me forever and always.

May peace on earth pierce to our very hearts where true peace can reign despite world chaos.

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